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Minutes of Last Meeting


February BARC meeting minutes 2020

Called to order at 7:02 PM

8 members present, no visitors

Minutes were read from last meeting and accepted (Tim/Norm)

Treasurer's report was read and accecpter (Len/Dave)

We have 19 paid members for 2020 so far



Barber shop flyer was updated, passed around for inspection and accepted (Dave/Norm)

Table repairs at the field are forthcoming due to the weather

Norm will donate some plywood for the table tops-thank you Norm

Len will provide the labor-thank you Len

John will supply the water seal for the plywood tops-thank you John



It was voted on to pay the church for use of the meeting hall as soon as Dave can get to it (Dave/Len)

Chairs need to be restacked only 7 chairs high at the church when we are finished with our meeting

Dave C offered to donate a Champ plane to the club for a trainer-thanks Dave

For those that have not re-upped their membership-dues are now due-thank you

John A showed his scratch built trainer for club use-pretty cool

A visitiors sign in will be added to the new club website


Meeting adjourned at 7:33 PM

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